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Rom-Control Aegex

Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals not only have a great impact on economies and societies, they also face the challenges of operating clean facilities, handling regulatory and compliance responsibilities and managing health and safety issues. Quality control is critical in these environments, where dust and particulates in the air typically prevent consumer-grade mobile devices from entering because they present a risk of ignition in these types of explosive atmospheres.


So how can employees in the explosion-prone zones of these facilities communicate with the rest of their organisation for timely collaboration and information sharing? Traditionally, they cannot.


But Aegex Technologies’ intrinsically safe tablets allow personnel in UL C1D1 and ATEX IECEx Zone 1 areas of hazardous locations to be connected in real-time. This technology allows pharmaceutical production operations to take advantage of the benefits of data collection, reporting, maintenance monitoring and other cloud-based communications.


Aegex devices provide pharma operations with Windows 10 and other powerful apps that facilitate organisation-wide collaboration in real time, even in explosive hazardous locations. Greater connectivity translates to decreased downtime and greater productivity.


Suggested Pharmaceutical Solution:

  • Aegex 10 IS Intrinsically Safe Tablet
  • Aegex Emergency Response Software
  • Industry-specific Apps